University of Limpopo Online application Fees 2023-2024

By | April 5, 2022

University of Limpopo Online application Fees 2023-2024

University of Limpopo Online application Fees 2023-2024

University of Limpopo Online application Fees 

University of Limpopo Fees Structure 2023-2024 Why should i check the fee?

Candidates may apply for different courses at different undergraduate programmes or plan to do so, although it is possible that they will not be aware of the University of Limpopo’s cost structure for the corresponding college until later. As a result, it may not be possible to organise it before the fee submission deadline.

Some candidates may choose to apply for loans, thus it is critical that they plan for the admission fee/annual fee to be paid within the specified deadlines. Candidates can plan their admission accordingly once they are familiar with the fee structure of UL colleges. They can also choose the colleges to which they want to be admitted based on the UL costs.

University Of Limpopo Bank Account – Student Fees

Name :University of Limpopo
Bank :Standard Bank
Brach Code:052548
Swift Code:SBZAZAJJ(International Deposit)

You are advised to use the Standard Bank M65 deposit slips or an ordinary Standard Bank deposit slips which are obtainable as follows:-
Any Standard Bank Branch

Turfloop Campus :
Student Finance Section
Old Admin Building
Ground Floor


  • The Council of the University of Limpopo must approve the University of Limpopo’s student fees. The Council maintains the right to change all fees at any time during the academic year without notification.
  • Regardless of whether the academic programme is disrupted by causes beyond the University’s control, such as strikes, student boycotts, civil unrest, or other forms of disruption on campus, all fees must be paid in full. In the event of a student’s suspension or expulsion as a result of disciplinary action, all fees must be paid in full.
  • The University takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this Student Fees Guide, despite the fact that the information has been gathered as carefully as possible.
  • Students with outstanding balances from the previous year or who have not paid the mandatory registration deposit for the current year by the due date will be unable to register until the entire overdue amount and/or the registration deposit have been paid in full.
  • Students who owe the University money in any way will have their examination results, as well as their degree or diploma certificate and/or academic record, withdrawn.
  • In the event that students, parents, guardians, and/or sureties violate these terms and conditions, they will be responsible for all legal costs incurred by the University as a result of the violation, based on the current attorney and client rate, and their information may be forwarded to credit-rating bureaus.
  • Every month, electronic fee statements will be sent to the student’s university email account. The student (if self-supporting), parent, guardian, or surety accepts responsibility for payment of all fees by the due dates, regardless of whether an account has been rendered or not, by virtue of registering. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University of any changes to his or her accurate address/postal address, as well as to make timely inquiries about the fee account.
  • For reimbursement reasons, all students must supply the University with valid bank account information, including bank name, branch code, account number, and account type. The Revenue Management Office can provide request forms. Bank and other fees incurred as a result of inaccurate information will be credited to the student’s account.
  • Surplus monies are only refunded upon request at the University.
  • Students should familiarize themselves with the requirements for leaving the University and/or Residence, as well as the cancellation of


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