Unisa how to Register

By | October 29, 2019

Unisa how to Register

Unisa how to Register

Unisa how to Register

Online registration guidelines

Unisa’s online registration process is quick and simple. Follow these steps to ensure that your registration is submitted successfully.

  1. Enter your student number in the block provided and follow the links.
  2. Check your contact details on the screen and change any details that are incorrect.
  3. Enter the module(s) for which you want to register. Ensure that you meet all the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the module(s) you have selected. Also ensure that you have correctly entered the module code(s).
  4. If you select structured / coursework master’s degree modules, please check Unisa provisional examination timetable to ensure that there are no examination date clashes.
  5. If you submit your registration without payment, your registration will not be finalised until the university has received the minimum registration fee within the relevant registration period (you will only be registered once Unisa has received your study fees). The fee information / minimum amount payable relevant to your qualification will be displayed once your have completed your online registration process.

Please note:

  • If you receive an error message during the registration process, please click on the “submit to advisor” button.
  • Your registration will only be finalised once Unisa has received your study fees. All fees must be paid by the relevant closing date for registration.
  • Incorrect registrations will be amended in compliance with college / qualification rules.
For more info visit the school website

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Unisa how to Register

Unisa how to RegisterUnisa how to Register

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